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Starting at $80 On-site or travel charges may apply Unprotected systems starting at $120 Based on community and mileage, charges may apply. We do virus / malware / spyware removal on Windows based systems. Spring Special Starting at $80 and includes software clean-up, a case clean-up.  Hardware testing extra. ($100 value) Computer tune-up & cleaning PWS Technologies is a proud member of ACRBO and fully support and strive to adhere to their code of ethics found here. What PWS Technologies offers

Computer Repairs, Upgrades, Cleaning, Tune-ups, Network Installs, Network Maintenance, Service Contracts and Consultation.


Having Computer Issues???
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We cannot offer any warrantee on virus/malware/spyware removal due to the fact most systems get infected by user interaction.  WE WILL work with you to better protect your system including offering a consultation service.